Ignite the Passion - A Guide to Motivational Leadership

By Peter A. LaPorta

Ignite the Passion is not your ordinary business guide. There are no theories or doctrines to learn. There are no boring graphs that make no sense. It is not written by a disconnected corporate icon or a professor of sociology.

Ignite the Passion is written by a leader, for a leader. Peter A. LaPorta is a thirty plus year veteran of leadership, having personally motivated thousands of employees to reach new heights. He has been a beacon of light to many, clearing the fog for a path towards their destinations.

Ignite the Passion is filled with practical knowledge you can apply today. Sharing his many years of experience, Peter brings it all together with real examples of applied usage. Story after story will keep you turning the page as your motivation builds.

Peter takes you on a journey from manager to leader, dull interest to full passion. From the moment you open the book, you will open your mind to endless possibilities. Come along for the ride and you won't be disappointed. Ignite the passion today.

FORMAT: Softcover