Normandy Nights

By Peter A. LaPorta

It was a magical time of yesteryear, where men could not wait to fight for their country and women could not wait for them to come home. It was a time of mooks and dames dancing to the music of the big bands, knowing that each moment shared was a time to treasure.

Tony and Paulette were born and raised in different worlds but were destined for their lives to cross. With the armies of the war colliding on nearby shores, they found each other under a moonlit sky. From that moment on, their journey together would cross the French countryside as the war followed and knocked against death's door. How many lives will be lost along the way as our young lovers seek each other in war's oasis?

  Years have passed and the story must be told. With every breath he draws, Tony gives his final confession about the good old days that weren't so good. The truth has been hidden far too long and must be revealed before the sands of the hourglass wash the secrets away forever. The beaches of Normandy were covered in blood but not every drop was caused by gunfire. The hidden horrors of war and prejudice tainted his newfound love overseas that not even a victory in Europe could erase.

   Normandy Nights is based on a true story of love and war. Your heart will skip a beat as you travel to different shores and fall in love with the characters again and again. Normandy Nights is a love story, a war story, and a story that is timeless. Peter A. LaPorta is the international best-selling author of five previous books. He is an award-winning speaker and a leader heralded all over the globe for his excellence.  Expanding his horizons with Normandy Nights, Peter will once again take you on an unforgettable journey.

FORMAT: Softcover