Who Hired These People?

By Peter A. LaPorta

Thirty five register lanes available but only two lanes open. You approach the customer service desk to voice a complaint and the rude woman behind the counter tells you that the customer service department is now closed. A typical response in a world where customer service has slipped away.

Everywhere you go in the world today service has been downsized or eliminated. The wonderful concept of self-service dominates everything from your local gas station to the world wide web and everything in between. You call a customer service phone line and there is no one to talk to. You go to fast food restaurants and they don’t give you fast food or fast service. Rude banks, rude servers, rude clerks. Where does it all end?

Former leader of Walt Disney World and Universal Studios and International Best Selling Author, Peter A. LaPorta, takes you on a fabulous tale-telling journey in, “Who Hired These People?” Story after story brings you into the hilarious but incredibly true world of customer service disasters. No punches are held back as Peter shares real life experiences of encounters with such giants as Walmart, Denny’s Restaurants, Carnival Cruise Lines and much, much more.

Just when you think all service has gone down the drain, Peter takes you into the wonderful service world of champions with such companies as Walt Disney Co., Walgreens, Darden Restaurants, McDonald’s and several others. He shares their best practices and gives us hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Peter motivated thousands around the globe with his first book. “Ignite the Passion, A Guide to Motivational Leadership”. His seminars and teachings have given many companies new direction towards employee retention and satisfaction. He returns in the pages within to delight and entertain while showing all sides of the customer service spectrum. Come along for a wild ride while asking that all important question, “Who Hired These People?”

FORMAT: Softcover